A New Generation of Kung Fu

Always with great respect to my past  traditional Masters Sifu Jim Fung and Sigung Tsui Seung Tin for everything they taught me in Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

Over the last 15 years I have developed and created a new system of Kung Fu. 

I named this system “Evolved Wing Chun”.

At the time EWC was a perfect name as I was continually evolving the art of Wing Chun.

Through many years of practical testing I created new unique principles to help strengthen certain areas of Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

Over the years of teaching I could see my students struggle in certain areas of their Kung Fu training.  While teaching and sparring I witnessed a sense of fear in my students faces. They would struggle to defend themselves against the random attacks I would use sparring against them.

This gave me the determination to fix and create a new form of Kung Fu so to replace their fear with empowerment.

Over the years I developed practical unique principles to help the student escape from fast free sparring attacks, strong grips & holds, wall pins, holds on the floor, attacks against knives and multiple attacks. 

I created a practical tool kit of several moves. 

Once proficient at these moves the Kung Fu student would have the tools to work out how to escape and protect themselves against all unlimited types of attacks.

I took out the components of strength and speed. Going slow would ensure the student would develop a strong foundation while improving their skill and effectiveness on all moves. (Speed is a component which you can always add in later. The total surrender of muscular strength was necessary in order for my new system to prevail) 

The element of safety and the “what if” for every move was also built into my new system. 

Because of the naturally occurring changes with EWC, the formation of a completely new Kung Fu system was created. 

I now believe it is time to look at a new name for my unique Kung Fu system.

I would like to formally announce that EWC is now in completion. 

From this day forward EWC will be known as: 

A.D.A Kung Fu

Ardito Defence Academy.

(Wing Chun Origins)

A.D.A Kung Fu is a unique practical modern self defence system which was created to saving lives.

A.D.A strength lays in its unique Defensive system developed with powerful strikes that have been created for anyone of any anatomy to use, with no limitations.

I would like to personally thank all my Kung Fu students, Kung Fu brothers & sisters and followers for their patience and continued support during this time.


Master Robert